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Beard and moustache transplant

This is a refined hair grafting procedure as only one or two hairs need to be implanted at a time.
Tangential incisions are made. Hair length is 1cm in order to perfectly adjust the hair’s orientation in the incision.
Results are immediately visible and of excellent quality.

The hair used comes from the scalp as this hair resembles the original beard hair the most.
It is hard to find body hair that is as thick as beard or moustache hair. Beard or moustache hair has an interesting property: it always grows individually. The hair follicle also contains one hair, while head hair in 95% of all cases grows in small groups of two to three hairs.

The classic technique involves removing a strip of hair at the back of the scalp (FUT).
Under the microscope hairs are isolated one by one, meaning follicles are divided in two or three parts. The implant then takes place in fine incisions of approximately 0.7 to 0.8 mm.