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Fashion dictates that eyebrows should be full, well defined, striking and a perfect pair.

Many men and women suffer with eyebrows that have been abused in the past. Over plucked in adolescence, poorly defined in shape and destined never to grow naturally again. However eyebrow transplants, originally developed to restore the eyebrows of burns victims can now restore that perfect look.

Qualified hair transplant surgeons have made a special study and refined the recent advances in these techniques to be able to reproduce the perfect pair of eyebrows.

Donor follicles are individually removed from the scalp, the hair is then meticulously angled to follow the natural or desired line of the eyebrow. Within 3-4 weeks the donor hair will fall out, but the follicle will have been securely implanted and within 10 – 12 weeks the new hair will grow again permanently. Your eyebrows can look like your favourite celebrity.