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Hair breakage is the tendency of your hair to keep breaking whenever you comb or wash or try to pin it up. This happens because your hair has become weaker or has become brittle. Breaking can result into sloppy, lusterless and uneven hair. It can affect the way you look severely.

Here are some reasons why hair breakage occurs:

Hair breakage is normal during some activities like bathing, during this time is quite possible for your to get caught up in a tangle and break. However, weaker ones break often and quite regularly when doing a simple action like combing. For this condition these are possible explanations:

Excessive use of chemical based shampoos: Your shampoo may not be detergent based, yet it could have the ability of weakening your hair as and when you shampoo especially if you have been using this shampoo for sometime now. Excessive shampooing causes your natural scalp oils to deplete. This makes your hair dry and causes them to break.
Brittleness always because of dryness. If your job requires going out in the sun at all times, it is possible it has become brittle. Also braving harsh winds or very cold weather can make your it dry and lackluster. Dry hair is more susceptible to brittleness.
Sickness is another reason for weak hair. If you have been unwell for sometime it is possible that you have lost nutrition. Good diet and time will get you back to normal.
Hair breakage also occurs to normally especially among those who tie their hair very tight or comb these rigorously. This can also lead to a lot of damage.
Using hair color can be damaging. In fact, most people have reported either loss or dryness. If you have to use, it is best done on a rare basis. These colors though created with utmost care are chemicals and have the ability to damage after prolonged use.
Blow drying and regular use of hair dryer too can make it lose moisture. Whenever you have time let your hair dry off normally so it will not lose moisture with warm air coming from the dryer.