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Hair Multiplication or sometimes it is referred to as hair cloning is the most anticipated research in hair loss nowadays. Existing hair loss treatments in the world have serious shortcomings. Many products are not as effective as one may hope. While hair transplant, if done correctly, can give most people their natural growing hair back, many still prefer not to have to go through surgery in order to restore their hair. This gives rise to the demand for Hair Multiplication.

The concept of Hair Multiplication is to extract donor hair cells from our existing hair follicles in a minimally invasive manner. Then the hair cells are then multiplied in a lab. Once enough hair cells are multiplied, they are then injected back into the patient's balding areas to stimulate hair growth. In a nutshell, this is strictly a CELL BASED hair restoration protocol.

HairSite has been covering Hair Multiplication or hair cloning news since 1997. Over the past 10 years, there have been numerous researchers who claimed that there will be a form of cell based hair restoration therapy in a few years time. Till this date, there is still not one researcher or institute that shows the most promising in delivering a genuine hair multiplication protocol in the near future.

Today, most of our forum readers focus on Aderans, Intercytex, Histogen, and Acell as potential winner in the race for a cure or truly effective treatment for hair loss.

Until this becomes a reality, right now the only effective treatment for hair loss or baldness is hair transplant and hair replacement.

Also go through the hair growth clinical trial section. We have compiled a list of upcoming clinical trials from research institutes around the world. For example, there are Aderans Research Institute and New York University. Many of these trials are cell based hair multiplication experiments that are open to both men and women.