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Hair replacement options are mainly broken down into surgical hair transplant and non-surgical hair replacement systems.

FUE completely changed the hair transplant industry in the world. Before FUE gained mainstream acceptance in the hair restoration industry, hair transplant was done using a very traumatic and invasive technique, called STRIP. The name comes from the fact that a strip of skin is literally removed from the back of the head in order to harvest the donor follicles for the patient. The procedure is very "barbaric" in nature and very often leaves serious complications to the donor site. Patients are all left with a linear strip scar across the back of their heads. The strip scars tend to widen or stretch over time.

With the new FUE technique, hair transplant can now be performed minimally invasively. Each donor follicle is delicately and gently removed one at a time. No knife, no scalpel, no stitches, and no visible scarring. No large strip of skin needs to be removed in the process. Patients recover many times faster and the procedure leaves no unwanted complications in comparison.

With FUE, doctors can even use body hair as donor and transplant them to thinning areas in the scalp. This procedure is now referred to as BHT or Body Hair Transplant. Body hair has proven to be a viable donor for people with severe scarring or those with limited scalp donor supply.