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Women’s Hair Loss

Despite the common conceptions, hair loss affects women as much as it does men. Although women can disguise their hair loss by colouring and styling, hair loss can still be a particularly devastating occurrence.

Male hair loss is often viewed as a common condition and it culturally acceptable for men to lose hair.Female hair loss, however, is far less common and is not seen as an acceptable norm which only adds to the stigma of those suffering.

A woman’s self confidence can be thoroughly affected by hair loss, which is why some women look at hair transplant options. A successful hair transplant women can obtain will depend on hair loss pattern, hair type and results they wish to achieve.

Female hair loss is different to men’s as women usually retain their frontal hairline but experience thinning out of the mid scalp and crown hair. Sometimes hair transplant women receive is not suitable and is less effective than it is for men.