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Different types of hair transplantation

There are different types of hair transplantation and the methods for transplanting hair have evolved greatly over the past five years. If you want to compare different hair transplantation methods read this document.

Hair transplantation with the FUE method
Hair Loss NYC works with the FUE Method , which is an advanced hair transplant technique performed without a scalpel or stitches. With FUE, micro-surgical instruments are used under powerful magnification to move hair follicles one by one. The FUE method is minimally invasive and patient-friendly.

The seven hair transplant questions you just have to ask

At Hair Loss NYC, we work exclusively with micro surgery procedures. Just a few years ago, it was not thought possible to do what is now accomplished with the latest and most modern Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) techniques.

Hair transplantation with FUT/Strip method
The majority of hair transplant specialists are still working with a method called FUT/Strip, which involves using a scalpel to remove a strip of skin from ear to ear from the back of the head (donor area) and then sewing the skin back together afterward.

Aesthetic skill and technical expertise

Achieving balance, symmetry and proportions

Modern hair transplant methods do a genuine appearance by mimicking natural hair. The FUE Method offers you greater density and amazing natural results. Todays micro-surgical techniques allow for transplanting hairs one by one and result in a natural look that is limited only by your “supply and demand” of hair follicles. Your supply depends on the amount of hair follicles in your donor area. Your donor hair is genetically programmed to last a lifetime. The demand depends on how large you want your recipient area to be. We seek out healthy follicles in donor areas where you have more than enough and transplant them to where they are needed most. Read more about design and hair transplantation here.

Because we place each hair follicle one by one, it is not difficult to turn the tide on a receding hairline and it’s even entirely possible to re-create a pattern such as a natural part or a swirl. A FUE hair transplant is a sophisticated redistribution of hair follicles from a donor area, such as the back of the head, to a recipient area on top or at the front of the head. The FUE is an advanced surgical technique that moves hair follicles from areas lush with hair to areas that are sparse or bare.

With FUE , we can transplant up to 3,200 grafts per day or about 6,400 hairs. Such a treatment is known as a mega-session.