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Allergan, manufacturer of Latisse, is studying volunteers for hair growth clinical trials. The basis of the trials is on bimatoprost ophthalmic solution, .03 percent, the active ingredient in Latisse.

The company’s widely successful eyelash growth treatment, Latisse received approval from The Food and Drug Administration in 2008 with about 1.5 million bottles sold since. The treatment stimulates eyelash growth and researchers believe it could also do the same for patterned hair loss.

Currently, Allergan is conducting the clinical trials, due to be completed in February 2011. Initially, the company plans to study 28 patients comprised of both men and women with Alopecia.
Men chosen for the study have to suffer from male pattern baldness and the women must have female pattern hair loss.

Upon successful completion of the clinical trials, Allergan’s new drug would become the third solution approved by the FDA on the market to treat baldness in men. However, the drug would be only the second FDA approved drug to treat female pattern baldness or hereditary hair thinning.

Allergan registered the trial with the FDA back in August, starting the clinical trial in October. According to the information provided to the FDA, Allergan plans to test to different formulations on human subjects.
During the trials, both male and female patients will apply the formula topically. Researchers will then monitor for scalp tolerability and changes in heart rate.

Volunteers for the trials must be between the ages of 18 and 64. In addition, volunteers must be non-smokers or free of nicotine for at least 30 days, and not have used any products containing any prostaglandin or bimatoprost analogs within the past three months.