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Minoxidil is the first ever FDA approved medication for hair loss for both men & women. Click minoxidil to find out more about this hair growth stimulant.

Azelaic Acid a study in the Br. Journal of Derm suggested that this agent can inhibit up to 90% of the DHT on skin. Click Azelaic Acid to find out how this ingredient is formulated to combat hair loss.

Retin A alone can result in moderate hair growth in some patients. It is mostly used in conjunction with minoxidil to enhance the penetration and absorption of minoxidil by altering the follicular epithelium. Click Retin-A to find out how it is used as a hair loss treatment.

Spironolactone new study suggests that topical spironolactone can act as an anti-androgen in human sebaceous glands, competing with DHT receptors and producing a decrease of labeled DHT. Click Spiro to find out how it is used to slow down hair loss.

Corticosteroid is usually for the treatment of skin and scalp disorders such as psoriasis, itching, redness, dryness, crusting, scaling, eczema, and inflammation. Click Betamethasone to find out why this is becoming very popular among hair loss users.

Ketoconazole is the key ingredient in the popular anti-funal Nizoral shampoo.

Copper Peptide as a hair growth stimulant as well as for hair transplant wound regeneration.