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What is this?
 Propecia (finasteride)
 Rogaine (minoxidil)
 HairMax LaserComb
Scientifically Proven Treatments »
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 Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)
 Avodart (dutasteride)
 Proscar (finasteride)
 Nizoral (ketoconazole)
 Retin-A (tretinoin)
Natural Treatments for Hair Loss »
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 Fatty Acids
 Green Tea
 Polysorbate 80
 Saw Palmetto
 Vitamin B6
Off-Label Treatments »
WARNING: Off-Label treatments should only be used under close supervision of a medical doctor.
What is this?
 Aldactone / Spironolactone
 Androcur / Cyproterone Acetate (CPA)
 Azelex (Skinoren) / Azeleic Acid
 Buserelin / HOE 766
 Dilantin / Phenytoin
 Estradiols / Estrogens
 Tempo / Tempol
Hair Transplant Information »
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 Hair Transplant Articles
 Beginner's Information
Future Potential Treatments / Cures for Hair Loss »
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 FCE 28260, 28175, 27837
 Gene Therapy
 Hair Cloning
 ICI 182,780
 SK&F 105657
 WIN 49596
Commercial Treatments for Hair Loss »
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 BioFolic H
 DerCap / Aminexil
 F N S / Follicle Nutrient Serum (Piliel)
 Fabao 101
 Iamin Gel
 Hair Genesis
 NANO Shampoo
 ProMox / ReMox