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Vertex: the top of the scalp toward the back
Frontal: the top, front part of the scalp Temporal: the areas to the left and right of the frontal region of the scalp
Parietal: the top of the back of the scalp or the area directly beneath the vertex Occipital: the region above the neck and below the parietal region
Hair Loss in Men: The Norwood Classification System Male-pattern baldness occurs in men whose hair follicles, usually on the top and front of the head, are sensitive to the hormone DHT.
Hair loss for women can be classified into: Diffuse hair loss Localized hair loss Patterned hair loss The most common is diffuse, non-scarring hair loss, which is hereditary.
Type A Norwood Variant Norwood identified variants of Types II through V, labeling them as Type A variant. .
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