Propecia NYC New York NY

Several medications can improve the thickness of your hair, including oral finasteride (Propecia, for men) and topical minoxidil (Rogaine). They are both safe and very effective in increasing the caliber of your hair and increasing the time it spends in the actively growing phase. Just remember both require 6-8 months to start to appear full. Don't give up after a few weeks!
Some other products can be applied directly to the scalp to help increase the appearance of density. Toppik, X-fusion, and Joan Rivers' "Great Hair Day" can all be applied as a camouflage to the scalp to increase the look of fullness. Just remember that they won't GROW hair, just change how it looks.

And, if you are still not happy you may want to consider hair transplantation. If you are not on blood thinners, don't smoke, and have sufficient density in the back of the scalp, you may benefit from moving those hairs to the front where the density is thinner. Contemporary hair transplantation can offer natural results which are impossible to detect!