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What is Hair Regeneration?Hair Regeneration is a treatment for thinning hair and hair loss hair treatment using adult stem cell based wound-healing materials developed byHair Regeneration is customized in terms of concentrations, areas treated, depth of treatment and technique. - Extracellular matrix (ECM) made by ACell, a wound healing material that recruits adult stem cells to duplicate human tissue like skin and muscle. When used in treating hair loss, ECM appears to clinically restore the necessary cells responsible for hair growth.- Platelet-rich plasma  (PRP)- the isolated serum from a patient’s own blood that contains concentrated healing and growth factors. PRP is used in regenerative medicine applications in oral surgery, orthopedic surgery and cosmetic surgery.- Vitamin D – the nutrient demonstrated by University of Tokyo to increase transformation of cells in tissue culture to transplantable hair follicles.- Other materials customized to the patient’s cause of hair loss such as anti-inflammatory medication.Hair Regeneration before and afters.019Contact Us About Hair RegenerationHow Does Hair Regeneration Work?Hair Regeneration appears to reverse the hair thinning cycle and stops continued hair loss when injected into the skin at different levels including the dermal and fatty layer.  published by studies from the University of Pennsylvania. This Hair Regeneration appears to restore the cells and signals that are sent from the dermal papillae to the bulge area of the hair follicles to produce and continue growing hair. Hair that was previously thinning and weak grows progressively thicker and stronger.  It has also been observed that hair that were gray, after treatment become darker. The hair follicles become healthier and more active, producing thicker and thicker hair. This reverses the previous hair loss problem where the hair follicle activity lessened and hair became progressively thinner.Hair Regeneration before and afters.011I